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  Hazardous materials often enter ground soils as the result of demolition, fire, and floods. Chemicals are released and biological contaminants, oils, and other hazardous materials can further complicate a clean-up effort. Fire may cause asbestos insulation to fragment and become airborne. Underground oil tanks can rupture spilling their contents which contain soluble chemicals that have the potential to invade underground aquifers.

Complications from hazardous materials can drive up costs and add to the atmosphere of unease. Liabilities increase. Duraclean's staff is well trained to deal with the evident and potential damage caused by environmental disasters.

After a professional and complete site assessment is performed, Duraclean's team is on the move to restore/remediate the commercial or residential property. Duraclean will maintain strict site management at all times to ensure compliance and protocols are being met. Discretionary practices demand the presence of individual site coordinators to prevent the flow of unnecessary information to uninvolved parties and to answer direct questions from those with proprietary interest at the job site.

Duraclean Environmental provides:
  1. Site Assessment and Consultation
  2. Total Discretion
  3. Full Containment Capabilities/Emergency Services
  4. Scope, Project Duration, Cost Estimates and Documentation
  5. Total Remediation/Management
  6. Full Disclosure to Owners and Site Management
  7. Site Closure

Duraclean Environmental protocol demands post remediation safety clearance testing. This provides legal scientific documentation showing the job site is safe and habitable where applicable.


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