President Bush and Duraclean stand side by side in New Orleans

Duraclean's "Rapid Response Network" recently won accolades from President George W. Bush and Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans for their structural drying expertise in that Katrina ravaged city. The President and Mayor toured the Proctor & Gamble/Folgers coffee facility and paused for this photo opportunity with Duraclean franchisees from Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana and South Carolina.

Duraclean's ability to respond quickly to service opportunities created by the force of this year and last year's hurricanes has moved it to the forefront of disaster cleanup
nationally. By creating a coalition of trained and equipped franchises that will operate under one project manager Duraclean has established itself as a major player in the "Large Loss" field.

All responders are trained in mold remediation and water restoration and have knowledge of working in confined spaces and in personal protective clothing. A specific Project
Manager is assigned to every large loss and is responsible for coordinating all facets of the job. In addition to the Project Manager an Executive Administrator becomes the communication and documentation hub for all activities.By establishing clear lines of responsibility and communication a large complex problem is solved in the fastest and most cost efficient manner.

Duraclean's ability to respond is activated through one central phone number; 1-800-TO-CLEAN-UP which is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Information received from the initial phone call immediately sets in motion the number of people, amount of supplies, and quantity and type of equipment necessary for a rapid initial response. One phone call for all your restoration and remediation needs. Call Duraclean at 1-800-862-5326 and leave the CLEAN-UP to us.

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