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  Compliance issues and protocol are especially important to protect our clients and their commercial and corporate properties.

Code related specifications and requirements are met and site closure is completed smoothly. Waste Identification, Management and Disposal are of paramount importance to properly close a job site.

See our roster of completed projects and satisfied referral contacts. They speak volumes.

Mold remediation is serious business and Duraclean's policy is to demand pre-remediation testing by an accredited laboratory. Duraclean DOES NOT perform air testing. This is perceived by most professionals as a serious conflict of interest and we couldn't agree more.

Moreover, after initial testing confirms the presence of mold, Duraclean requests a full remediation plan written by an independent, licensed Industrial Hygienist which we follow to the letter. Post remediation testing is also required to assure that the job site has been properly cleaned and is safe for the property owner.

Duraclean does it right! Our reputation depends on detail. Environmental Remediation jobs can be complicated for many reasons. Duraclean's experience and knowledge of compliance requirements reduces the possibility of complications on the job. Remediation, Restoration, Compliance, Closure.

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